February 25, 2015


Writer/Director/Producer Michael Nguyen talks with Monique Jones from about his inspiration for the web series, why we need proper representation in our entertainment, and how Hollywood isn't ready for an Asian "Denzel" yet. Read the full interview here.


November 8, 2017


Here's a POV post/press release by show creator Michael T. Nguyen concerning the current trend of Hollywood "whitewashing" of Asian characters in films, and how our show works to fight against the tide. Check it out here.


October 02, 2017


Here's a nice follow up to the 2015 interview creator Michael T. Nguyen did with race and media blogger/writer Monique Jones, about his inspiration for creating Munkey in The City and the importance of representation in our entertainment. Also with shout out to actor Kenny Leu. Read the piece here.


October 18, 2017


Our favorite race and media blogger/writer Monique Jones talks to our star/executive producer Kenny Leu about his thoughts on the character of Munkey, Asian American visibility in Hollywood, and the false colorism in Crazy Rich Asians. Plus, his biggest role to date for the National Geographic Channel. Read the interview here.


October 18, 2017


Our first review! Monique Jones from does the honors and dissects our originally peculiar web series, revealing some ideas you didn't even realize were there, and states how it's refreshing to see a well-rounded Asian character in Munkey. Check out the review here.


October 30, 2017


Danilo Castro from reviews our web series and the path of the awkward and struggling, yet likeable artist type in Munkey. Also, how the mix of "comedy, romance, and unexpected doses of surrealism...reexamines the well-known journey." But who the hell is the Munkey King? Read the review here.


November 23, 2017


Check out this hot Turkey Day review of our web series from an emerging new voice on the scene, The Yellow Ranger, aka writer/blogger Lauren Espejo. Read what she says about our emotional, drug-related comedy, thoughts on dir. Michael T., and the ease of actor Kenny Leu. Peep the review here.


December 27, 2017


We are so thrilled to be streaming on! To welcome our story, Chopso CEO Koji Steven Sakai talks with creator Michael T. about how our project came to be, what his parents really think about the series, and the best advice he wishes he had gotten early on. Read the interview here.