Munkey is a young man in his mid-20’s who’s charming, talented, and tragically good-looking, at least that’s how he would describe himself. To everyone else he is naive, lost, and he tends to have trouble relating to other people (or vice-versa). He loves writing, talking about movies, and getting messed up (probably a little too much on all counts). Absurdly hopeful, he tries to survive The City life the best way he knows how--by awkwardly and earnestly stumbling again and again. That is, until he is forced to grow up and become the kind of Munkey he really wants to be.



She is the confidant and attractive young lady that has the ability to see right through our naive and lost protagonist. Never one to let BS go by, Evet keeps Munkey on his toes like no other girl in his life. She just might be the one to help Munkey get his life together, but she also might be the reason he loses it all.



Munkey’s roommate and forever co-pilot, Thompson is always down to party, and partake in an illegal substance or two. Munkey may strive and struggle in life, but to Thompson it just comes easy. He just wants to have a good time, and quite frankly, good times want Thompson.



The third roommate in Munkey's new City household is the lovely Suanne. Innocent, sweet, but equally assertive, Suanne loves to help others and is curious to discover the world around her. With an eye on fashion, she ventures to help Munkey become the successful person he aims to be, but is that all she's interested in?


Rounding out the group of roomies in the house is the fit and heathly Allison. She may be a bit self-absorbed and holds high standards in life, but as her good friend Evet can attest to, somewhere deep down, she's got a big heart. She just has a funny way of showing it.  


This lovely lady owns and tends the bar at the local watering hole, Randy's Place. She's seen it all, and been through even more. Strong, wise, and nurturing, she's the matriarch that attempts to guide Munkey in the right direction, despite all his odd idiosyncrasies.  


This gentleman runs an Italian/Asian fusion place downtown, and is Munkey's hard-nosed boss. Always the tough-minded entrepreneur, he has many avenues in which to make a living, including a particular interest in erotic literature. But what does that have to do with Munkey?

The Munkey King

The Munkey King is Munkey’s alter-ego, his own self-delusion, but also his inner spirit. Regal and mythical, he appears to Munkey when he is in most need of guidance, self-reflection, and tough love. The King is a figure born out of Munkey’s need to relate to other people and the world around him. Forever the loyal guardian angel, he’s got Munkey’s back, whether Munkey wants it or not.


The City

A thriving metropolitan jungle where dreams can be made or shattered, The City is where Munkey calls his new home. Trying to survive and stay true to the Munkey he really wants to be, he must fend off cultural and societal expectations he finds at every turn. Full of outrageous characters and great opportunity, The City teems with excitement, creativity, and fierce capitalism. This is the terrain that Munkey must brave and battle on his journey to achieve true happiness, or something like it…