Munkey in The City is a whimsically poignant dramedy series about a delusional young novelist in search of a dream--of fame, of fortune, and the pursuit of happiness. But he also brings the one thing standing in his way: himself. His name is MUNKEY, and he's learning that The City is one big jungle he needs to survive.


Munkey dreams of writing the great American novel. The problem is, it’s already been written. He’s also looking for love in all the right places, but he’s just the wrong person. And just what is that thing that’s following him?


Determined yet confused, hopeful yet awkward, he comes to The City, one of the most vast and wildest places on Earth, in order to “make it.” On his journey, he struggles to connect with the people around him, escaping instead through alcohol, drugs, and his own writing. Through much trial-and-error, and with the help of an eclectic band of friends, Munkey must come to realize his own purpose in life, before The City swallows him whole. Though he soon realizes that the singular Evet is the key to unlocking his full potential and future.

Can our hero make it out alive with his sanity intact? Possibly not. But he's going to try anyway.



Munkey in The City is a new original webseries, inspired by the real-life experiences of Writer/Director/Producer Michael T. Nguyen. Michael wrote the character Munkey to be an idealistic, creative young man who moves to a sprawling and vibrant City and struggles to thrive and connect.


Several written episodes later, Michael and the rest of the Munkey Team are determined to bring this story to life, not just for ourselves, but for everyone else trying to find their way in this world.  

It is our aim that this project be a vehicle for minority individuals that are traditionally shut out of the entertainment industry, particularly Asian Americans, but including all women and people of color, to showcase their talents both in front and behind the camera.




















Our hope for the future is to be a part of a nurturing industry that is open to all groups of people telling rich, diverse stories that is representative of their own lives and communities, and we feel that our project is an illustrative step towards that goal.